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After Cataract Surgery: Long-Term Eye CareDespu©s de la operaci³n de cataratas: cuidado del ojo a largo plazo

After Cataract Surgery: Long-Term Eye Care

After cataract surgery, having regular eye exams is the best way to check the health of your eyes and maintain good vision. Schedule exams at least once a year.



Vision often improves quickly after surgery. But you may still need new eyeglasses to fine-tune your vision. Your eye doctor will test your vision while you're healing. Once you're fully recovered, you'll be given a new eyeglass prescription.

Treating a Secondary Cataract

Months or years after surgery, a secondary cataract sometimes forms. This is caused by cells growing between your new lens and the capsule that holds it. A secondary cataract is not painful. But it may cause vision problems similar to the original cataract. In most cases, a secondary cataract can be treated in your eye doctor's office.


Laser Treatment

Laser treatment (YAG capsulotomy) is used to remove secondary cataracts. This is a painless procedure that uses a laser beam to make a small opening in the eye's capsule. This allows more light to enter, and quickly improves your vision. Laser treatment usually takes just a few minutes to perform.

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  • “I am so pleased with the care I received from Dr. Jonathan and Dr. Frank Grady. I have been a patient here for many years and I’ve just had cataract surgery performed by Dr. Jonathan and I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of great eye care!” ­- Patient MP

  • “I could not be more pleased with the results of my LASIK surgery. The vision correction is better than expected and recovery time was minimal. The procedure is quick, painless, and highly effective. Dr. Jonathan Grady is skilled, polite, and makes you feel at ease. I highly recommend LASIK and Dr. Grady for anyone considering permanent vision correction.” - Patient JH

  • “Thank you for the great job you did on [“my wife’s”] cataract surgery and for the whole staff being so kind and loving.” - KR

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